About Us

Intellitech Systems originated in December 2006 and was established as a low voltage design and engineering company servicing primarily the residential market. Our main goal is to provide cutting edge technology and integrated solutions to customers who are seeking convenience, simplicity and luxury in controlling A/V, lighting, climate, shades etc. in their homes. Our company’s success in the residential market, allowed us to take a turn into the commercial market for restaurant and bar owners who are hungry for bringing technology into their venues and seeking solutions for controlling their A/V, lighting and other low voltage products. Intellitech continues till this day to exceed its customer satisfaction by the level of support and expertise that our team has showed on every project and the level of technology it has offered.

Intellitech Systems is dedicated to providing unparalleled service to customers in order to allow them to incorporate technology into daily living to provide an additional level of comfort, convenience, and conservation.

Vision & Values
Conception to Completion – We help clients visualize the potential of technology in their lives and then design a personalized system to optimize advanced domestic or commercial technology.

Customer Satisfaction
We provide uncompromising attention to all aspects of the design, construction, and service process. We supply effective, innovative, and reliable products, design, engineering, and programming. A job is never finished until the client is satisfied.

Global Marketplace
We are committed to expanding to markets where there is the inherent capacity for growth and development, and where technical innovation can update lifestyle.