My new home, will take between 12 and 18 months to complete. Will you be able to work with others?

We specialize in coordinating and communicating with architects, interior designers, cabinet makers, lighting designers, HVAC contractors, electricians, and even landscapers. Especially when you get into smart-home technology, which operates all facets of a home’s electronic sub-systems via a simple-to-use, wall-mounted touch panel, understanding what is required to properly control other trades’ products is critical. It is knowledge which is neither gained quickly nor easily.

What do you mean by window treatment (automated shade control)?

Automated Drapery and Shade Controls enhance viewing and climate regulation for increased enjoyment and comfort. You can choose controls to set and then automatically adjust your window coverings according to the time day or night to achieve privacy, enhance a room’s mood or your home’s aesthetic appearance. You can also achieve savings on energy consumption through the control of light entering your home and the ambient heat the is produced. Window coverings can greatly effect the amount of energy required for heating and cooling your home.
In addition to its ambiance and energy saving benefits, automated and programmable drapery and shades can be used to control or block the natural light entering your Home Theater or Media Room.

Theatre Solutions