How does home automation know what to do?

When a Home Automation system is installed it has to be given ‘rules’ by which it will control your house. For example if the garden soil is too dry it would turn the sprinkler on, or if it is dark outside it would turn the exterior lights on. Usually it also responds to your actions as well. The system is programmed to your needs via programming tools that an IntelliTech Systems specialist can assist with. The system can also be accessed online for programming. Please contact an IntelliTech Systems specialist for programming or re-programming your system at 586.949.6653 or fax us your request at 586.949.6654. You can also reach us via email at

Can I update my system as new technology is available?

You bet! As long as your home was wired correctly you can always upgrade, add to, or change out systems. Your structured wiring is the biggest component to home automation. When building your home make sure to �Future Proof� your home with extra runs of CAT5e and even fiber optic cabling. It may not be in use right now but it certainly will be in the near future. Your ability to take advantage of technology is directly related to how your home was wired. Wire is relatively cheap so make sure you include advanced wiring packages during construction.

How much does it cost?

Automation is the same like investing in a new flooring, cabinets, artwork, vacuum system, stereo systems, and many more. You chose these things to upgrade, and raise the value of your property, or office. Automation adds beauty and value, and is designed to enhance your home or office as long as it exists. In addition, you reduce your energy bills significantly by controlling and managing your energy consumption (electricity, heating and cooling)

The cost of an automation system is going to be determined by the size of your project, by the complexity of the solution you desire, and by the labor rates in your part of the country.

Costs are dependent upon which Home Control System is selected and the number of Accessories, lighting control products, Consoles, Touch screens, Touch screens with Video, and Software that will be used. The amount of system programming will also affect the overall cost.

Our IntelliTech Systems team of specialists will evaluate your project and your needs to customize an economical package that is just right for you. If used properly, your system can practically pay for itself in energy savings and increases the resale value of your property.

Please call an IntelliTech Systems specialist at 586.949.6653 for a free demo or consultation. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm or leave a message and a consultant will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Is home automation energy efficient?

Since Home Automation Systems control energy consumption devices and appliances such as lighting, Heating and Cooling, then you can program it to your needs and thus to save you energy and money when its not in need.

With automated timing sequences and remote access to your home electronics and thermostat, you can do everything from automatically setting your thermostat higher while you’re at work (and turning it lower shortly before you get home) to remotely turning off that light you left on as you rushed out the door.

What can home automation control?

Lighting Control
Probably the most popular control category and a great way to get involved with home automation. Dim light fixtures you could never dim before, and control them from anywhere in the house (or world via the Internet). You can save energy by programming your system to turn lights Off in any room when there is no motion detected.

Security Systems & Access Control
Have your home call you and/or loved ones if there is an alert situation. You can save money on security monitoring services or even monitor for non-traditional security events like water in the laundry room or basement. Additionally, Home Automation products include devices that will allow you to unlock the front door to let friends in or close the garage door from your office via the web.

Home Theater & Entertainment
Just imagine replacing that pile of remotes with just one controller. Now, imagine not having to know all 10 steps to starting up your home theater – just press the HBO icon and your home automation products/system will do the rest. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are especially popular with homeowners as they provide beautiful sound throughout the house while adding no clutter whatsoever.

Phone Systems Control
Phone systems that are usually used for small business applications are surprisingly convenient in the home. With caller ID and a home automation controller you can even screen your calls for only those you wish to cause your phone to ring. Voice control software turns every phone in your home into a remote controller.

Thermostats Control
Remote-control thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature from bed at night or even from a cell phone while on your way home (or to your second home!). They can even trigger a notice to you if the temperature gets too low (to prevent pipes from freezing) or too high (to protect your pets, plants, etc.).

Irrigation & Landscape Lighting Control
Have your sprinklers turn on only when it’s not raining. Some of our customers even turn the sprinklers on when there’s motion in the yard at unwanted times – imagine an intruder trying to explain the wet clothes to the police!

Window Treatment
Home Automation systems also provide the capability to automatically control your blinds from anywhere in the house. The system can be programmed to automatically open the blinds to allow daylight in and thus saving energy.

What is home automation?

Home automation is a technology which allows you to either remotely or automatically control any electrical or electronics device. Lighting, security systems, home entertainment, thermostats, irrigation, household appliances, phone systems. You name it, there’s a good chance it can be controlled!

Home Automation saves energy and helps the environment through intelligent control of lighting, heating and cooling. Home Automation can protect your family and possessions from an increasingly violent and crime ridden society through sophisticated security and surveillance systems. Whole house audio/video systems allow you to enjoy music and video from anywhere in your house. The elderly and disabled can have full control of the home from their finger tips.

Please call an IntelliTech Systems specialist at 586.949.6653 for a free demo or consultation. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm or leave a message and a consultant will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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