Home Automation Software that can run on a 200 MHz PC or faster to interface to X-10, Infrared, Security Panels, Weather Stations and More to Control your home by voice command.

X-10 Controllers are remote devices or transmitters which allow you to control the variety of receivers installed on your household wiring. There are a wide range of devices available. Some devices simply plug in to electrical outlets. Others are hard wired. Most have push-buttons to generate the X-10 signal, but some function only as timers. Push a button for the corresponding lights turn on or off. Other examples are motion detectors, hand held wireless remotes, Telephone Line Interfaces, etc.

X-10 Coupler/Repeater is a device that combines the features of an X-10 Coupler with the ability to amplify X-10 signals and repeat them across both phases of larger homes. Recommended in homes over 2500 square feet.

X-10 Receivers are devices are used to receive X-10 signals which are transmitted over your existing power lines. Examples are Wall receptacles, Light Switches, Lamp Modules, Appliance Modules, Relay Modules, Chime Modules, and Siren Modules.