This service includes installing and programming all audio, video and home theatre components such as TVs and mounts, projectors, motorized screens, speakers, receivers, amplifiers, media players, remote controls, touch screens, etc. Intellitech’s expertise in automation and integration of smart electronics allows us to offer solutions to control your TV, projector screen, audio system, home theatre system from one remote control, or touch screen or a wall smart switch.

Multi-room audio is one of the hottest and most enjoyable trends in home technology today. Jazz in the kitchen, pop in the kids’ room, and rock on the deck during a BBQ will bring your house to life.

Enjoy music throughout the entire home or in just the room you choose with Total Home Technology distributed audio. Experience a movie with digital surround sound. Listen to your jazz CDs while you read in the den while the kids play video games in the media room and your spouse listens to the radio on the terrace. Control the music of your life from any room in the house – no need to walk to the stereo to choose a component, select a CD, change tracks or adjust volume. Relax. You deserve it.

A simple audio system allows you to adjust the volume of one device in the room you are in. For example, a single-source audio system may have a CD Changer attached to it. From each room, you would be able to adjust volume, but not skip to the next track or disk.

IntelliTech also offers solutions for commercial projects such as: setup conference rooms, banquet halls, auditoriums, hotel rooms, game rooms and nightclubs with audio control and distribution, projectors, and screens or TVs. Our trained specialists will integrate and automate your audio and video together to be controlled from a touch screen or one universal remote control.