Smart Lighting

IntelliTech specializes in designing a lighting control system that will save energy and extend the light bulb life significantly. The design will also provide convenience of controlling and automating any light application throughout a project with a touch screen or a smart switch.Projects include residential homes, villas, conference rooms, office space, hotel rooms, school auditoriums, halls, bars and nightclubs etc…

IntelliTech Systems is an Energy Star partner with engineers actively working towards a green world offering advanced solutions to our customers that preserves natural resources while also minimizing costs. Here are examples of utilizing lighting control for energy savings purposes:


Built-in astronomical clock automatically turns lights on and off at sunrise and sundown no matter what the season. Not even a minute of unnecessary light will be wasted, and no one will waste time adjusting lights and timers as the days lengthen and shorten.

Use the energy you need. Harvest the rest from the sun. DayLight Harvesting Keypads measure the ambient light to determine the level of artificial needed to maintain the brightness you desire. When the sun’s shining brightly, room fixtures dim. When a big cloud passes by, lights automatically and seamlessly ramp up to keep the room at uniform light levels. DayLight Harvesting is a must for the conservation-minded.


Remotely activate home systems from long distances, without expending the energy to travel there. You can use any touchtone phone from anywhere in the world to activate lights and home systems remotely. For instance, close the storm shutters or turn off heating or cooling.

Save energy and light bulbs by dimming lights. By automatically dimming lights to less than 100%, IntelliTech can help conserve energy and dramatically increase lamp life. Dimming lights to just 90% is virtually unrecognizable to the human eye, but makes a big difference to the environment and energy costs.

Turn off every light in the house with the press of one button. In larger homes or office space, it’s easy to forget to turn off lights. Often there’s no time to check every room before leaving the house. With lighting automation, you can turn off every light with the press of one button located anywhere in the house perhaps in the master suite before you go to bed or in the garage as you exit the home.