Beth Jenkins
Farmington Hills, MI

We love our new system! Intellitech helped us become more up-to- date and meet our needs for our home. From beginning to end the entire experience was pleasant, cost effective and the end results far exceeded our expectations!

My husband and I were impressed from the time Intellitech provided our quote. They were very accommodating working around our schedule and keeping us updated via cell phone and email the entire time. We never had a doubt or question as to when the job would start, when it would be finished or if there would be minor adjustments.

The team at Intellitech helped us decide on the best solution to fit our budget and made changes along the way to suit our needs. The workmanship was very professional! We have a lovely home with finished furnishings and they left our home just as they found it ~ nothing disturbed or broken!

We had a home theater which was out dated. We had to get up and change the DVD or volume or adjust the lighting every time we wanted to watch a movie. It may not sound like a big deal, but when you’re cozy in your seat with your popcorn, you don’t want to get up to adjust the volume or change the movie. Well Intellitech solved our problem with a state-of- art digital remote that controls everything! We simply love the convenience of it all! In addition, our new surveillance system allows us the peace of mind needed by allowing us to view the surroundings of our wooded home by easy viewing on our TV’s and LCD monitors throughout our home.

I highly recommend IntelliTech Systems for all your lighting control, camera surveillance and home theater needs.end-quote