Our engineers are certified and well trained to design and install the products of these companies. We have a wide network of contacts within these companies, such as representatives and tech specialists that are available for support on needed basis.
These companies/products have been selected from a variety of other suppliers for the quality of the product, service and warranty.

Feel free to contact us for more literature on some of these products.

Products are available for both Residential and Commercial Projects.

Our Preferred Products
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  • Automation & Integration

    Elan Home Systems: Providing automation and Integration with music, intercom, phone paging and television systems.

    Crestron & Vantage Controls: Providing automation and total integration with lighting, HVAC, Audio Video equipment, motorized

    drapes/blinds/doors, security systems and more.

    URC Total Control

  • Media Servers

    Vidabox: Movie and music servers.

    Russound: Music servers

  • Lighting Control

    Lutron: Providing lighting control equipment such as Stylish keypads and touchscreen interfaces that are designed to replace old fashioned light switches to give the home owner greater control over their living space in an easy to use yet beautiful and sophisticated manner.

  • Enclosures & Distributed Wiring

    Middle Atlantic: Enclosures

    Sanus: AV furniture, stands and mounts

  • Pro a/v

    JBL: Speakers

    Crown: Auplifiers

    London: Processors

    Electro Voice: Speakers

  • Audio/Video Equipment

    Denon: AV Receivers, Amplifiers, Tuners, Blu-ray and HD DVD players, and Home theater systems

    Panasonic: LCD Projectors, Plasma TVs, Blu Ray players, Residential and Business Telephone Systems, Video Teleconferencing, Door Intercoms, Voice Processing and Accessories

    InFocus: Video Projectors

    JVC: Rear and Front Projectors

    DaLite: Projection Screens for home theaters, conference rooms, auditoriums, cinemas etc...

    Russound: Speakers, tuners, power amplifiers.

  • Motorized Shades

    Lutron: Motors for shades

    Draper: standard and motorized shades (wired and wireless controls)